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Green Policy

At Fargil UK Ltd, we recognise the importance of protecting our environment and ensuring sustainability for the future. We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in material efficiency and environmental credentials; seeking excellence in every aspect of our business.

Compliance with European legislation
All our profile is manufactured from calcium organic material, including our foiled products which also use water based primer in compliance with European legislation to eliminate hazardous solvents. All fabrication off-cuts are collected and recycled into other building products along with the billing of all other materials including office waste such as paper, cartridges etc.

Committed to sustainability
The PVCu window industry also champions the recycling of post consumer waste and has initiatives in place to support this with Recovinyl. Fargil UK Ltd, along with other companies is committed to sustainability and both support and encourage this through its customer base.

Energy rated products
We have also been one of the first companies to launch energy rated products, with the DuraGreen range. In conjunction with the other Masco companies, which include Techniglass, we are at the forefront of research and product innovation, continually committed to developing more energy efficient products that will always give our customers a competitive advantage in the market place.

With rising energy costs, fuel costs and living costs, the last thing you want to do is throw valuable money out of the window.

That is exactly what you could be doing however, if your windows aren't energy efficient. Significant advancements have been made in recent years to ensure the windows you install in your home retain heat and reduce the amount of energy you use. With visible benefits for both the environment and your pocket, it's clear to see why energy efficient windows are important, so how do you choose the best ones for you?

BFRC - What's it all about?
The Government has set itself a specific target of ensuring all new homes built after 2016 are zero carbon. This is in addition to the general requirement of an overall carbon emission reduction as set out by the Kyoto agreement.

To highlight this topic and enable a system which is both an independent source of information and also easy to understand, the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) working in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Council, have created a performance label clearly defining the energy efficiency of windows from any manufacturer.

Launched in March 2004, the Window Energy Rating label is similar to that used on many white goods in our homes, such as fridges and washing machines. Windows are scored on a scale of A -- G, with an A rated building product being more energy efficient than one which is G rated. This allows individuals to quickly and easily choose the windows most suitable for their needs.

In an ideal world, A rated windows would be installed in each home in the UK. However, recognising that a balance needs to be made between the availability and cost-effectiveness of such products, those which are given a rating of C and higher are recognized as energy efficient, and can officially be endorsed with the Energy Saving Recommended logo.

What does this mean for the environment?
The Window Energy Rating Scheme, governed by an independent body, allows you to make a fully informed choice about the windows you choose for your home.

From an environmental perspective, the windows you choose can reduce your household CO2 emissions by over 100m2 each year, helping you significantly lower your carbon footprint. Not only does this have a positive effect on the world outside, but also for the environment inside your house. The advancements in building product technology increase the amount of useable living space by eliminating draughts and cold spots.

Reduce energy usage and waste
Our impact on the environment is something we take very seriously. We have taken significant steps to reduce both our energy usage and the amount of waste generated during our manufacturing process, whilst increasing the amount that we recycle.

This commitment to the environment and sustainability is echoed throughout the Masco businesses and resulted in the manufacturer of our products achieving the ISO 14001 Environment Management System and also being awarded the Regional Business of the Year Award in recognition of the strides forward that have been made environmentally.

In fact, when it comes to window frames there is no more environmentally friendly material available than PVCu. At Fargil UK Ltd, we have continued to invest in and improve our products and services, in our quest for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.